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St. George, Alaska

St. George, Alaska, is a small city located in the Aleutians West Census Area of Alaska, United States, situated on St. George Island in the Pribilof Islands, a small island group in the Bering Sea. The city covers a total area of 182.4 square miles, of which 34.8 square miles is land and the remainder is water. The population of St. George has been declining, with the 2020 census recording only 67 residents, down from 102 in 2010 and 152 in 2000.

Economic Development Efforts

The St. George Local Economic Development Strategy, as detailed on the website, reflects efforts to address the challenges faced by the community, including a declining population, critical infrastructure and energy needs, and high unemployment. The city council has engaged in strategic planning and community engagement since 2018 to develop this Economic Development Strategy. The strategy, titled "Rebuilding Our Future: St. George's Economic Development Strategy," aims to leverage the island's assets, such as its culture, marine wildlife, natural resources, and supporting organizations. Major milestones of the strategy include securing a $164 million federal government grant for St. George Harbor improvements and hiring an Assistant City Administrator to help implement the strategy and coordinate community efforts.

Historical and Demographic Information

The history of St. George dates back to its first appearance as an unincorporated Aleut village on the 1880 U.S. Census, with a predominantly Aleut and Creole (Mixed Russian and Native) population. The city formally incorporated in 1983. Over the years, the racial makeup of the city has been predominantly Alaska Native.

Infrastructure and Climate

Given its remote location, the city is served by an airport with scheduled service to St. Paul Island Airport and Unalaska Airport, provided by Grant Aviation. The climate of St. George features mean maximum temperatures ranging from around 30F in January to around 52F in August, with mean minimum temperatures dropping to as low as 9.3F in January.

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