How do I get there?
The best way to reach St. George is to fly from Anchorage.  Regular air service is provided by Peninsula Airways (PenAir) an Alaska Airlines Mileage Partner.  PenAir flies several days a week, but usually only one flight per day. The weather in the Bering Sea is always changing, so it is not uncommon to be on weather hold for a day or longer.  Pack a good book and relax.  The wait will be well worth it.

You can also combine your trip to St. George with a visit to neighboring St. Paul Island, since most flights pass through St. Paul either outgoing or on the return trip.  Fishing boats do regularly travel between the islands, but there is currently no regular commercial ferry service. This may change by 2008. Cruise Ships do occasionally stop in St. George during the summer. For more information about a cruises to the Pribilofs, please visit our Contacts page.

How long should I stay?
Most people will agree that a trip of five to seven days is about right.  This provides enough time to see the sites on the island and also enough of a time frame to allow weather fronts to move through.  Like most places in Alaska, you can expect a variety of weather.  It is frequently foggy, windy, and wet, but there are sunny days as well, often separating weather systems.  The wildlife is active in all weather, and the birds are especially fun to watch in the wind. 

When should I go?
It depends what you are after.  For birding, each month brings new arrivals, and interesting changes in behavior.  In late May many of the seabirds are laying their eggs. The beach masters (bull seals) are returning and there are turf battles on the rookeries. In late June, the chicks are hatching and the seal pups are born. In July the chicks and seal pups are maturing and in August and early September there are flying, swimming and foraging lessons.  By late September birds are leave and the seals are actively swimming and preparing to leave by late October..  Fall however, is a great time to still see a lot of wildlife and to hunt reindeer.  Fishing is good year round. 

Where should I stay?
Currently, the place to stay is the historic St. George Hotel. The hotel is operated by the St. George Tanaq Corporation and was recently renovated and designated a National Historic Landmark. The hotel was built at the turn of the century and used by the federal government to administer the fur sealing operation and to house officials. There are ten rooms, which can accommodate about eighteen visitors. For this reason, you will want to reserve a room early. Rooms are basic but comfortable with telephone, television and a sink.  Bathrooms are shared. There is a library stocked with rare books and an open kitchen and breakfast room. Sometimes tour groups will hire a local cook, and it is worth checking with Tanaq to see if there is an on-going meals service available. Otherwise the hotel makes all of the kitchen facilities available for guests.  You may want to bring your own provisions but there is a general store within walking distance of the hotel. If planes cannot land or depart as scheduled, visitors are responsible for any costs incurred due to delays. Another option is to stay in a local bed and breakfast.  You can contact the local Travel Coordinator for a listing.

How do I get around the island?
Small tour buses are available that can transport you to trail heads, rookeries, and viewing locations. ATV's, trucks and vans are also available for rent. For hikers there are trail maps and guides to help you find your way. Boat charters are also available to access the unique views from under high bluffs or to help you can catch a trophy halibut.

Additional Information
Click HERE for a Tourism Etiquette Guide to St. George  (PDF File (212 KB)).

For more information about St. George Island, please visit Starting Your Adventure or e-mail our local Tourism Coordinator.

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