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The Pribilof Islands provide seasonal homes for approximately 2.8 million birds representing over 200 different species. They find ample nesting space within St. George’s 80 square miles of cliff, beaches, tundra and wetlands. Everywhere the viewing is awesome with the skies filled with the sight and sounds of bird life. Dense clouds of Least Auklets pass over the village as they commute back and forth between the volcanic hills and the sea. On the cliffs Common Murres compete for space with Tufted and Horned Puffins, Crested Auklets, Red-faced Cormorants, and Red-legged Kittiwakes. Tucked into a grass hillock on the high bluffs, you can marvel at the acrobatic flight of a thousand birds, or focus in on nest building and chick rearing close by. Some birds migrate from as far away as South America. There are also rare Asian “vagrants” blown in by western storms. Whether you are hiking, kayaking, beach combing or gazing out your hotel room window, the bird watching never ends.

For a list of the species of birds found on St. George Island, please vist our Bird Species page.

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