St. George Island is one of Alaska's best-kept secrets.  Nowhere will you find a greater abundance of wildlife - It surrounds you from the moment you arrive on the island. Here you will discover a fascinating cultural history from the historic fur-sealing period starting in the 1700s, to the Aleut artists, dancers, and fishermen that define St. George today.  And nowhere In Alaska will you find a more charming, picturesque or friendly village. St. George Is for anyone seeking a truly unique Alaskan adventure, off the beaten path, where nature, history and Indigenous culture come together.

During the summer of 2006, travel writer Tom Walker made his first trip to St. George Island. Like other visitors to St. George, he was searching for something special, a place where he could learn about the broader natural and cultural history of the Pribilof Islands. What he found inspired him to designate St. George as,

“The Crown Jewel of Alaska’s Maritime Treasures”

From a vantage point on the renowned High Bluffs he found spectacular bird watching and an expansive view of the largest bird rookeries in the Pribilofs. He found fur seal rookeries where pups play on volcanic beaches and learn to swim in shallow tide pools. Curious Arctic Foxes peeking from behind grassy hillocks or around the corner of a house in the village. Herds of enormous reindeer roaring across broad valleys and a multitude of wildflowers carpeting the entire island. He found a charming village of 100 Aleut Natives, who welcomed him with a smile and an equal share of curiosity and courtesy. In his 2006 Alaska Magazine article (PDF file 1.5 MB), Walker also called St. George:

“A Remote Bastion of Hospitality Amid the Natural Wonders of the Pribilofs”

We could not agree more. This web site was developed by the residents of St. George. It is your guide to our beautiful island. We hope you enjoy the web site, and if you are seeking a truly unique Alaskan adventure, we hope you will visit us very soon.

For more information about St. George Island, please visit Starting Your Adventure or e-mail our local Tourism Coordinator.

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