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“Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of seabirds wheel on the wind below where I stand on the summit of High Bluff.”  -Tom Walker

There are many ways to experience the natural and cultural wonders of St. George Island, and we can help you find the adventure that appeals most to you. Whether you are bound for the seal rookeries, wanting to hike to the high bluffs, or tracking reindeer, we can help you find the best way to get around the island. Small tour buses are available that can transport you to various trail heads or rookery viewing locations. ATV's and other vehicles are available for rent. For hikers, there are trail maps and guides to help you find your way. Kayaks are available so you can play with the seals and there are boat charters to access the unique views from under high bluffs or to take you where you can catch a trophy halibut. Local guides are available to provide information or personal tours that illuminate the wildlife and history of the island. There are miles of sandy volcanic beaches to explore, and great beach combing and tide pools.  You can sample some delicious sea urchin fresh from a tide pool, or try delicious traditional foods such as halibut pie, fried octopus, or a roast of reindeer. So by land or by sea, we can help you find the sights and ensure that you return safely back again.

For more information about St. George Island, please visit Starting Your Adventure or e-mail our local Tourism Coordinator.

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